Sunday, February 17, 2008

Barackula Coming Tonight!

Hey it's Mike Lawson. 

Good news. The movie is finished, sort of.  It should be online for all of you to see tonight. I'm hoping midnight pacific time, but we've got to fish through a few technical issues first. Exporting 480p files from the pro res version takes a good amount of time. Our editor/DP and Superman himself, Mark Mannschreck, is on a film shoot in Long Beach. When he gets back I should know more. Oh, major thanks to Chris at Perennial Media for hosting the film. For the launch we'll have a 480p and ipod version. 720p and 1080p versions probably won't come for another day or so.
I had such a great time help make the film. I think we all did. We shot the film January 26th & 27th in Pasadena. Filming went smoothly for the most part, but the hours were long long long long. Even still nobody complained. Everybody put on their work face and slugged right through it. 
I'm very pleased with the end result but we're not finished yet. We're gonna send the film through a scratch color system and make an HDCAM version.  

I'll post more later. Expect posts from Gavin, Brooke, Justin and Jon too. And I'd love to get in touch with any of you. Send me an email at

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